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World War One Memorial

Latest Project Status:      Competition
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Washington DC, USA
Size:                                    35,000 m2

Building Type:                   Cultural
Date:                                   2015

The site of the memorial is at Pershing Park, one block from the White House and with a clear view towards the Capitol. Our design is centered around the idea of two group of soldiers saluting one another. The podiums where the soldiers statues stand symbolizes the western front trenches. The series of platforms in between alludes to “no man’s land”, which is turned into a series of pedestrian platforms for seating, and the main circulation artery. The design is inspired by a true story taken place in Christmas of 1914, where an unofficial truce between German and British soldiers was established. Soldiers exchanged Christmas greetings and even ventured into no man’s land to engage in conversation, a game of football, and a shared Christmas caroling with their so-called enemy.


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