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69|70 Spaces Between

Latest Project Status:      Competition
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Salt Lake City - Utah, USA
Size:                                    104.050 m2

Building Type:                   Sculptural
Date:                                   2013

The City of Salt Lake City and the AIA Chapter of Utah wanted to revitalize two urban blocks within the city center. The block has many major destinations but the city felt that it did not attract as much traffic as it should. Our design introduces a series of ribbon like structures within these two blocks to weave all the major elements together. Each ribbon follows one of the main activities in the blocks - Film, Music, Retail, Landscape, Transport ...etc - and morphs to form different architectural elements; for example, the Film ribbon starts off to form posters on the nearby film school, weaves by the music ribbon to create a music/film node within the blocks, and then travels to form an outdoor roof theater on top of the existing movie theater.


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