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The Nile Hilton | with Welton Becket

Latest Project Status:      Built
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Tahrir Square - Cairo, Egypt
Size:                                    30,000 m2

Building Type:                    Hotel
Date:                                   1957  

The Nile Hilton is the second building that makes up the RiadArchitecture Tahrir Trio (Arab League Headquarters, Nile Hilton, and Cairo Municipality Building). Welton Becket provided an initial schematic design while RiadArchitecture worked on the design development; simplifying the facade into its iconic form and reworking many Welton Becket ideas which were considered impractical (like constructing a bridge from the hotel over to the Nile). The design of the Nile Hilton was orchestrated with the design and construction of the Arab League Headquarters, so foreign dignitaries can easily access the Arab League through the Hotel. The office was subsequently contracted to design the Nile Hilton Extension in 1964. The building is currently the Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel.

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