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MCIT University Masterplan

Latest Project Status:      Competition
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Administrative Capital, Egypt
Size:                                    90.000 m2

Building Type:                   Educational
Date:                                   2019

The project is a University Campus for the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the administrative capital. The brief called for the design of the University of Technology Campus (around 90,000m2) consisting of 7 major buildings for the Egyptian Ministry of Communication & Technology (Administration building housing a 3000 seat auditorium and Library, as well as 6 faculty buildings on a 40,000m2 plot area), a dormitory housing 400 units (200 for each gender - on a 22,600m2 plot area), and a sportsclub with various sports and social facilities (on a 24,000m2 plot area). The site consists of 3 plots of land within the technology sector in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt.



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