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The Maadi 2000 Skyscraper

Latest Project Status:      Working Drawing Stage
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Maadi Corniche- Cairo, Egypt
Size:                                   144,000 m2

Building Type:                   Residential
Date:                                  1982

The Heidico Maadi 2000 Skyscraper (Also known g as the  Nile Golden Tower) is a 150 meter tall residential tower, which would have been the tallest tower in Egypt at the time. The plot layout was a very deep plot of about 150 m, and about 30 m along the Nile. This meant that most of the apartments will not get a view out the Nile if designed traditionally. Our solution, was to create these series of boomerang shaped apartments that butt into one another with staggered angles to ensure each apartment gets a Nile view from at least one bedroom and the living room.

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