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The Luxor Hilton Hotel 

with J A Ritchie Architects


Latest Project Status:      Working Drawing Stage
Role:                                   Local Consultant
Location:                            Luxor, Egypt
Size:                                   12,000 m2

Building Type:                   Hotel
Date:                                  1965   

With the success of the Nile Hilton, the Hilton Hotel Company (in partnership with the Egyptian Touristic Company) looked to expand the series of Hilton hotels in Egypt. Bringing forth their consultant architect, J A Ritchie (based in Italy), they sought the services of the office under the leadership of Mahmoud Riad, as they felt comfortable with us after serving as their local architectural consultant on the Nile Hilton. They commissioned the office to work on the design development on three new Hiltons: the Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan Hilton. The Luxor Hilton was the most reminiscent to the Nile Hilton in style, while introducing a subtle Ancient Egyptian flare in designing the hotel podium. Work on all three hotels had stopped in 1967 after the war, right before construction was slated to begin.

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