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Lima Golf Tower

Latest Project Status:      Competition
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Lima, Peru
Size:                                    31,000 m2

Building Type:                   Residential
Date:                                   2013

The design brief called for a 99-meter residential tower in the heart of the capital, overlooking the Lima Golf  Park towards the north and the Pacific ocean towards the south. The tower would house thirty 150 m2 apartments, twelve 250 m2 apartments, and thirty two 450 m2 apartments. For the Facade, we opted to place the shading layer (be it curtains or louvers) outside the glazing envelope, so as to prevent the sunrays from hitting the glazed surfaces and thus minimizing the heat gain. This also allows the shading element to play a prominent part in the façade composition by creating rhythmic variations

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