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Hotel Ukrania Entryway

Latest Project Status:      Competition
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Moscow, Russia
Size:                                    1,600 m2

Building Type:                   Sculptural
Date:                                   2013

The brief called for a contemporary Entryway to the Historic Hotel Ukrania. We sought to create a sculptural element that represents the spirit of our time (much like the original Stalin-Era Skyscraper form did in the early 1950s) while utilizing a number design elements that help retain a timelessness quality to the gateway.  To achieve this dual notion of contemporary and classic, we were inspired by many Russian constructivist sculptors of the 20th century – including Naum Gabo, Antoine Pevsner, and Alexander Archipenko. These artists were avant-garde in spirit, yet managed to create masterpieces that reflect the same elegance and sophistication as their classical counterparts.


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