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The Arab League Headquarters

Latest Project Status:      Built
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Tahrir Square - Cairo, Egypt
Size:                                   13,500 m2

Building Type:                   Governmental / Offices
Date:                                  1955   

Perhaps our most iconic building, the Arab League Headquarters was commissioned in the mid 1950s after the British Army Pull out of Egypt. The entire Nile bank was the property of the English Army Barracks prior to the Revolution of 1952. Along with Abd el Latif el Boghdady and in capacity of his position as Director General of the Cairo Municpality, Mahmoud Riad proposed to extend the Nile Corniche and turn into public domain. This created a series of plots overlooking the Nile which was ripe for development, and the municipality invited the Arab League to occupy this parcel of land to build its headquarters. They selected Mahmoud Riad  to design their headquarters due to his experience with the Ministry of Wakfs and his portfolio of office / administrative buildings - including the well received Misr Insurance Buildings.

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