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Al Jouf Children's Library

Latest Project Status:      Competition
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            Al Jouf, KSA
Size:                                    13,400m2

Building Type:                   Cultural
Date:                                   2018

The project brief called for an extension of the existing library; this new wing would house an additional 2500 m2 for a children’s Library, 2500 m2 for media storage/periodicals/rare books collections, 2000 m2 for administration zones, and 2000 m2 for public areas including a 500m2 auditorium. When we first approached the design for the Dar Al-Uloum Children’s library, the first words that popped in our collective design minds were dynamic, engaging, exciting and playful. We were adamant and invested in creating a series of interlocking spaces that was awe-inspiring and that attracted children of all ages (and adults alike) to want to visit the library and be invested in learning and continuously re-educating themselves.


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