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Agronomic Metropolis

Latest Project Status:      Competition
Role:                                   Lead Consultant
Location:                            N/A
Size:                                    N/A

Building Type:                   Theoretical
Date:                                   2013

The concept of The Agronomic Metropolis is to minimize construction on fertile land that could be used to farming or vegetation. On a 10,000m2 square plot of land, the building footprint would become 10%(or less) instead of the usual 50%, allowing over 90% of the plot land to be open green space that would encourage biodiversity and allow different species to be involved in this new typology of urban ecology. Parks and green spaces will cease to become objects in afield of concrete blocks anymore – where city dwellers would go to escape the city – but would be integrated seamlessly into metropolitan life, in an attempt to blur the urban and linguistic boundaries of the terms “city” and “rural”.

Be sure to check out our more in depth article about this project (link here).


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